C4000 UHF

C4000 UHF

Android Industrial Handheld Data Terminal

Highly featured

@    Up to 5m UHF (Power)              

@    Android 4.x OS

@    Google Play Market

@    Larger Screen 4"

@    Dual-battery System

@    Higher Expansive Modules

@    HI-speed Barcode 2D/1D (Scan)


Anywhere Wireless Connectivity

Keep operators connected outdoor and indoor with 3G GSM / WCDMA / HSDPA cellular and 802.11b/g/n WIFI .


UHF Band RFID Technology

@    The ultra fast scanning speed with UHF, 

@    The very long detecting range up to 5 meters/16 feet.

@    With multi-tag support to boost your business ability .

@    The unique antenna design ensures the better radio level to capture signal from tags.


Ease of Use

@    With re-designed buttons, trigger, and options of numeric or Numeric or full alphanumeric keypad, creating inputting a real joy!

@    Comes with a comfortable pistol,

@    carrying the C4000 is totally burden-free.


Dual-battery Design

Installed main battery and pistol battery provides 3200mAh plus 5200mAh lager capacity, supporting more than doubled power to work out.