C4000 Series

C4000 Series

Android Handheld Terminal

Highly featured

@    Android 4.x OS

@    Google Play Market

@    Larger Screen 4"

@    Dual-battery System

@    Higher Expansive Modules

@    HI-speed Barcode 2D/1D (Scan)

@    RFID LF/HF/UHF Bands (Support)          


Bringing benefits


C4000 is a series of Android powered smart terminals, with data capture, data processing, wireless communication. It is with high-reliability & high-expansibility. Auto & Accurate data collection is achieved in various business fields via a complete solution of premium options, the flexible solution among options and operators is suited-up. You will find out with C4000, much easier deployment, reduced complexity, decreased maintenance, are the benefits for enterprises.


C4000 meets industrial level IP64 (IEC sealing), is sufficient to routine applications, eg. railway in-spection, road parking toll, vehicle inspection, logistics express, power inspection, warehousing management, chain retail, etc. Whether the mobile operators are working indoor or outdoor, with C4000, your business is always &highly efficient on-line.


Meeting industrial standards, designed to support a various of mobile solutions. With the build-in high performance Cortex-A9 1GHz dual core processor technology, the operators need only one device to enjoy a convenient and easy job, C4000 will be the ideal choice for key-fact business in mobile solutions, for simplified task flow, enhanced work efficiency, for shortened time to customer response, more satisfied customer care service.


C4000 comes with world wide band WCDMA technology. Multi channels data and voice communication guarantees the real-time communication and data efficiency, C4000 brings you the best ROI.