UHF Jewelry tag
ดูสินค้าอื่นของ Invengo

Invengo Gem

66.6mm x10.95mm; Monza 5; Increased Security & Reliable Performance.


Available model

XCTF-8108-C13-FPI (Jewelry Tag)


The Invengo Jewelry Tag XCTF-8108-C13 is a robust RFID tag specifically designed for jewelry. It is delivered on rolls to enable ease of use in the jewelry tracking application environments.


  • Compliant to EPCglobal C1 Gen 2 & ISO18000-6C
  • Operating frequency 840-960MHz
  • IC - Monza5
  • Easy to fit on small objects
  • Water proof after installed


  • Protocols supported EPCglobal C1 Gen 2 & ISO18000-6C
  • Integrated Circuit Impinj Monza 5
  • Operating frequency 840~960MHz
  • EPC size 128 bits
  • TID 32bits model number and 48 bits serialized number
  • Access password 32 bits
  • Kill password 32 bits